Current & Upcoming Events

18 - 26 May 2024 - Craft Lab at The Minning Exchange, Ballarat

9 - 19 October 2024 - Working Memories, Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne

Past Events

23 November - 24 December 2023 - Gathering Dust at Linden New Art, Melbourne.

November - December 2022 - Availability at Alt Material, Melbourne with Adam Cornish, Adrian Fernandez, AND Studio, BCDO, Bolaji Teniola, Darcy Zelenko, Jordan Fleming, James McNab, Joel Priestland, Object Density, Rene Linssen, Sarah Mair, Locki Humphrey, Shimroth John Thomas, Skeehan Studio, Geoz Design, Hung Hin Chan, Fomu, Michael Chapman & Marissa Lindquist, SIMULAA.

March - June 2022 - Mass Reduction at The Australian Tapestry Workshop with Eileen Braybrook, Aaron Billings, Aphra Cheesman, Joanna Fowles, Blake Griffiths, Eloise Rapp, RaasLeela, Reiko Sudo/NUNO and Lisa Waup.

January - February 2021 - Play at Design Tasmania with Alexi Freeman, Dale Hardiman & ACV Studio, Aly Peel, Eileen Braybrook, John Brooks, Ed Linacre, Michelle Boyde, Philippa Abbott and Mycelium Studios x Brendon Morse.

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