With a special interest in textile waste and textile histories Cakebread explores materiality, tactility, sustainability, disposability and the ornamental through experiments with traditional textile processes. This gives life to artwork, sculptural work, installations and decorative objects.

The Cakebread studio is based in Gordon - Victoria, Australia and was founded by Elise Cakebread in 2013.

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Artist Statement and Bio

Elise is driven by experimentation within traditional textile processes and techniques.

Her work focuses on the tensions created by unexpected contrasts that emerge between material, form, colour, texture and scale. She explores ideas of materiality, tactility, sustainability, disposability and the ornamental. This gives life to sculptural work, installations and decorative objects.

Elise’s work is concerned with how physicality and texture create intimacy with the viewer, engaging senses that are increasingly relegated to a secondary importance in our hyper digital lives. She seeks to draw the audience into the physical world by elevating the aesthetic value of haptics and form on to an equal plain with the visual. Through this Elise questions ideas of material worth, sensory modulation and aesthetic value systems

Elise has worked on commissions and collaborations with businesses including The Artling, Gorman, Dulux, alt.material, Local/Actual, The Monolonglo Group, Space and Capella Sydney.

Elise has been featured in Vogue Living, Yellowtrace, Grand Designs, The Design Files and many other publications.

Her work has been exhibited nationally, including at Linden New Art, Craft, The Australian Tapestry Workshop, Design Tasmania and The Australian Design Centre.

Elise has hosted textile workshops in Melbourne and Sydney.

Elise undertook a creative fellowship awarded by Regional Arts Victoria in 2022.

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